ADHD: What You Say Is Fake Is My Reality

I am currently sitting in Starbucks trying to work as I wait for my Adderall prescription to be filled. I find myself going from chatting on Facebook, emailing our designer about new light fixtures, and trying to promote a fundraising event I am hosting. I feel like I am doing things, but I know IContinue reading “ADHD: What You Say Is Fake Is My Reality”

What You May Not Know When You Ask Her “Are There Two In There?”

The truth is that, it still hurts a bit when I hear of someone having twins. Not because I am not thrilled for them, but because it is a small reminder of our loss. I find myself having moments of grief that I don’t expect to creep up on me, and something so small can bring me to tears. So many of us are connected through a shared personal relationship with this grief.

I am 1 in 4.