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The Third-Piece Rule


Are you someone who wants an easy rule on how to style pieces?

Do you wish you could look a bit more polished with the outfits you choose, but not spend a lot of time picking them out?

I recently heard of the Third-Piece Rule, and found it was super easy to follow to help me put pieces in my wardrobe together in a way that made them look even more cohesive.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 6.15.04 PMThe Third-Piece Rule is essentially what you might think it is.  It is putting together an outfit that consists of 3 pieces (not including shoes).

In the cooler months this is super easy to do.  Throw on a jacket, sweater, or cardigan and you instantly have a complete outfit.

Those warmer months can be a bit more difficult to make this happen without adding extra layers and heat.  I found that my best friend is the handy dandy cami!

I have been a long time promoter of the cami–specifically the LONG cami.  In the world of LuLaRoe we often want tops long enough to cover those “zones” that we want to hide when we are wearing leggings.

I discovered that if I put on three pieces I immediately felt a bit more “put together.”  I could throw on a pair of leggings, pair with and Irma tunic. I just looked a bit more polished when I put a long cami under to pop out from under my top.  A super comfortable outfit just felt a bit more dressed up with that added piece.

17334106_1948453578711630_5647701227656445952_nIn the realm of LuLaRoe I have found that adding a long cami to my outfits was an easy way to pick out my clothes for the day.  I had to find two items that matched, and then add in my cami to be my third piece. For an added pop up pizzazz I added my accessories to bring it up another level.

The Third-Piece Rule is also a great way to stop yourself from going overboard with too many pieces.  If you find that you want to throw on leggings, a skirt, a shirt, a vest, and a cardigan overtop, maybe consider if this is just far too many layers.  You want to make sure that you have a show stopper piece and just a couple other pieces to compliment that item.


When creating an outfit within the Third-Piece Rule, simply follow this formula:

  • 1 Piece as the focal point (this will have some sort of a print)
  • 1 Piece as the coordinating piece (this will be a solid or neutral print that will  coordinate with the focal piece)
  • 1 Piece that pulls both together with a neutral color or shared color.  Usually easiest to have this as a solid. I often say that this is the piece that grounds everything together.


To showcase this rule I am planning on having a “Third Piece Rule” Sale TOMORROW April, 24.  I would love to have you join!  I will be putting two LuLaRoe pieces together with my favorite long cami and if you purchase and outfit you get the cami as a gift from me!

You won’t want to miss out!  You can join the event here.

Do you feel you are already pairing outfits within the Third-Piece Rule, or is it something totally new to you?

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