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Ugh, Mom Guilt

I don’t care how different we are on the surface, we are more alike than we think.

You might feed your kids all organic food while I love to roll through McDonald’s, because I want french fries as bad as my kids do.

You might be an atheist, a Christian, or a muslim.

You might work out of the home, in the home, or you are a homemaker.

You make crafts, or maybe you hate glitter (okay we probably all fit into this category).

You allow screen time, or screen time is the downtime you need to regroup (I still have no idea how my parents raised 4 of us without the internet).

However you parent or raise your kids, one thing that we can agree on is that at some point we all have mom guilt.  We are convinced that we are failing, and if our kids are struggling in any area that we are the one to blame. We automatically assume we are solely responsible for screwing up our kids (even if our kids are perfectly normal human beings).

In my own life I have guilt when I feel I am working too much at home and not spending enough one on one time with my kids (I feel like I can see all you work-at-home moms nodding with me as you read this).  The problem with guilt is that we dismiss what it truly stems from.

We feel guilt because we are ACTUALLY committed to our kids, not because we are bad moms.

We feel guilt, because we are ACTUALLY committed to our family.

We feel guilt because we ACTUALLY want to be phenomenal mothers, not because we don’t care.

As a WAHM, I am also committed to my job, and it actually feeds me in a way that makes me proud of myself.  I love my job, and it is a creative outlet for me. In many ways is a lot about self-care.  The job that I have has built my self-esteem, and has given me confidence in the gifts and talents God has given me. It makes me a better mom when I am confident in myself, yet it is important that if I am feeling these tinges of “guilt” that I move that into an action for change, rather than assume I am the worst.

Guilt is more about embarrassment and shame.

Conviction is more about realizing we want it to be different and taking action.

I’d love for us to take this mom guilt and move it into mom conviction. You see, I believe that guilt is from man (as in mankind-not actually from men 🤣).  Guilt is more about embarrassment and shame. Conviction is more about realizing we want it to be different and taking action.  It is so much more empowering!

Today  I am going to talk about “Mom Guilt” on LIVE with Betsy. I’d love for you to join in the conversation, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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