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Telling My Story

23192360_10100637510371054_1768848242_oMany of you know that I adore creating video and sharing parts of who I am and what I do.  When it comes to sharing  have my topics in “buckets” of the parts of me that are important to share.  These include LuLaRoe, ADHD, Momming, and Tech stuff.

I find myself sharing about LuLaRoe and tech things super easy.  These are straight forward and it’s easy to share styling tips and camera lenses. The topics that have been hard for me have been sharing deeper about ADHD and the momming side.  It’s not that I am scared to share my story, but I find it is SO personal that I get stuck on wanting to make sure I do it justice.

In general I share about the fact that I HAVE ADHD, and that I have some super adorable crazy kids, but it’s the nitty-gritty of these topics I want to dive even more into.  I want to be vulnerable enough to share the difficult thoughts I have.  The mental exhaustion when it comes to reminding myself I AM good enough.  I am worthy. I AM okay despite disorganized papers, a lack of structure, and piles of laundry.

I am a strong advocate that we cannot truly build connection until we learn to be more vulnerable with each other, and in the same token we learn to extend grace to one another.  There have been moments I have been vulnerable and have had people comment about my parenting, say my “ideas are stupid,” and that I am “out of touch with reality.”  People I don’t even know have made comments on posts about who I am when they really don’t know me at all.

And what makes me most pissed is that it hurts me to the core.  People I do not even know have enough power with their typed words to bring me to tears and question what I am sharing.

So, I am going to say “screw it,” and make myself share more about the vulnerable parts of my life.  It is through this vulnerability that I know I have inspired, and I do not want to stop because of a few people who choose to comment hurtful things.

I am going to work at allowing myself to not be paralyzed by the feeling I have to do my story “justice,” because not sharing ISN’T doing it justice either.  Keeping quiet isn’t helping anyone, nor is it fulfilling what I truly feel God has called me to.

So, I am going to work at sharing more.  To not allow myself to become paralyzed by making sure it is shared “right,” and not being fearful of those who comment hurtful things.  I want to share so others don’t feel so alone, and so I can encourage others they can do great things.


2 thoughts on “Telling My Story

  1. Thank you for sharing yourself and your struggles with us on your journey. Mommyhood is not easy for any of us and if we profess to be the perfect Mom or person then we are lying to ourselves.

    I also have been struggling lately to be “real” with my group, friends, and family..although on a different subject. I have been hesitant for weeks wondering whether I should share my struggles with depression over the last several months with my group. Moments before I opened your post I had prayed about whether I should write a long post to my group about my struggles and journey. Opening this post confirmed what I heard from God just moments before….that I needed to just do it! Thank you again for sharing and being a loving example to us all.

  2. Betsy Thompson, we love you here in this house and applaud your courage, understanding as you do, that hurt people hurt people and that in itself is likely to make you a target but you go girl, for there are more for you than against you! Misfits are going to throw fits because that is what they do, don’t allow their pain and suffering to deter what you have been gifted to do. You have encouraged me and made me laugh time after time. Keep it up, I need you!

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